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Infinity at Brickell

Adache Group Architects, Inc. 

Adache Group Architects is celebrating over 50 years of award winning architecture and interior design. Adache Group Architects has become one of the world's leading design consultants for the hospitality, leisure, and multifamily housing industries. Adache Group offers integrated design services comprising of Strategy, Programming, Planning, Architecture, and Interior Design. The Adache firm has a global reputation as a leading international design firm, having clients and projects in dozens of states, in over forty-five countries and on five continents.

CS Organization, Inc.

The CS Organization is an opportunistic real estate development firm headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. The firm pursues the development of residential, hospitality and commercial properties throughout the United States. The firm's private equity real estate investment platform allows the firm tremendous accessibility to capital and an impressive amount of creative capability when structuring transactions. Through its partnerships and alliances with the industry's most prominent and recognized real estate development, architectural/design, consulting, construction and management firms, The CS Organization has successfully been able to vertically integrate its work and deliver distinct and remarkable real estate projects.


JEBAC, founded in 2010, is a real estate consulting and advisory firm headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  JEBAC specializes in Hospitalilty, Residential and Commercial development. JEBAC may also assist in the procurement of commercial debt and equity financing. For more information please send an email to

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